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LDP 2015 : Carnet de route, épilogue

carnet de route listening ldp 2015

Daté du 6 avril dernier, ce message de Barre Phillips referme le carnet de route que le trio LDP a adressé au son du grisli au gré des dates de la tournée LISTENING. Le mois prochain, le carnet de route, revu et augmenté, paraîtra aux éditions Lenka lente.

6 avril 2016, Puget-Ville, France

Slash and burn, slash and burn. Name of the game. We played "burn baby burn" during June & July 2015. Getting past that, re-surface, re-constitution, re-orientation, took months and months, is still going on today,  and may take the rest of my earth-planet time. And then, just for good measure, the 10th of December 2015, a hearty dose of slash, just to be sure. There is no such thing as a minor operation in the surgical world.
I'd hate to have to find out what a major operation consists of. Dangling bits.
All my adventures with the medical world have been very rough and have plundered the life of the Ldp Anniversary Tour. But my friends have risen to the occasion in very inventive, supportive & life saving ways. Saving the life of the trio and its music. Giving it a deeper meaning than ever before and creating a future that will carry on until the last drop, the last sigh, the last stroke. God bless the child.    
B. Ph.


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