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Spéciale Agitation FrIIteEn librairie : Eric Dolphy de Guillaume Belhommele son du grisli #3
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Wu-Tang : Wu-Tang Forever (Loud / RCA, 1997)


"I bomb atomically, Socrates' philosophies and hypotheses can't define how I be droppin these mockeries, lyrically perform armed robbery"
"Not a role model, I walk a hard role to follow, I sold bottles of sorrow then chose poems and novels"

Inspectah Deck steals the show on this one. Widely considered as the unsung hero of the Clan, Deck takes a step back, inspects, lets the others drown hard and fast in their image, style and persona defined quicksand, and comes out on top with maturity, fineness, and an efficacy of language which results in single lines speaking volumes. His rhythmic sophistication allows him to put it where ever he wants, in front, behind, or dead on, Deck dances around the beat like a boxer. "Words attack like british bulldogs", but Deck has more to give than just attacks, he remains humble, capable of great compassion, even sadness concerning his background and the plight of his peoples.

Hats off also to Street Life and Ghostface also for their ripping performance on Hellz Wind Staff, plus the superb frankenstein monster beat stitching RZA who by this stage could use whatever he wanted and make it sound amazing.

Wu-Tang : Wu-Tang Forever (Loud / RCA)
Enregistrement : 1994-1997. Edition : 1997.
2 CD : CD1 : 01/ Wu-Revolution 02/ Reunited 03/ For Heavens Sake 04/ Cash Still Rules / Scary Hours 05/ Visionz 06/ As High As Wu-Tang Get 07/ Severe Punishment 08/ Older Gods 09/ Maria 10/ A Better Tommorow 11/ It’s Yours CD2 : 01/ Intro 02/ Triumph 03/ Impossible 04/ Mittle Ghetto Boys 05/ Deadly Melody 06/ The City 07/ The Projects 08/ Bells of War 09/ The M.G.M. 10/ Dog Shit 11/ Duck Seazon 12/ Hellz Wind Staff 13/ Heaters14/ Black Shampoo 15/ Second Coming 16/ The Closing 17/ Sunshower
Will Guthrie © Le son du grisli

WILL_GUTHRIEBatteur aussi subtile que fringant, Will Guthrie sera en concert le 29 janvier à Paris avec The Ames Room avant d'animer Câble à Nantes du 17 au 19 février.

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GZA : Liquid Swords (Geffen, 1995)


The greatest hip hop record ever made... Before this, I was convinced Public Enemy had this prize but this record changed my whole way of listening to rap music... The words are for me half indecipherable which is something I really enjoy when listening to music... I don't need or want to understand the words completely... Mark Smith and Captain Beefheart have a similar effect... The words have the effect of creating impressions and atmospheres. Ambiguous and in east coast staten island slang that I can hardly get a grip on... Rhythmically, The Genius flys all over the beat... Hardly ever following the pulse or tempo... This was also the first time I'd heard this style of rapping and it had a big influence on rappers for years to come. The loops and drones are dark, melancholic and cinematic and I can listen to them again and again. A jewel in the WU TANG COLLECTION.

GZA : Liquid Swords (Geffen)
Edition : 1995.
CD : 01/ Liquid Swords 02/ Duel of the Iron Mic 03/ Living in the World Today 04/ Gold 05/ Cold World 06/ Labels 07/ 4th Chamber 08/ Shadowboxin' 09/ Hell's Wind Staff/Killah Hills 10304 10/ Investigative Reports 11/ Swordsman 12/ I Gotcha Back 13/ Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
Andy Moor © Le son du grisli


Guitariste entendu le plus souvent au sein de The Ex, Andy Moor a récemment publié Le journaliste, ouvrage issu de sa collaboration avec Anne James Chaton.

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