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The Fall : The Frenz Experiment (Beggars Banquet, 1988)


One of my all time faves. To me, this is something like a drum and bass manifesto, without being drum'n'bass-like at all. Cold and driving beats provided by the one and only rhythm section Steve Hanley on bass and Simon Wolstencroft on drums. Can't decide which song I love most: Victoria, Carry Bag Man, Hit The North or Bremen Nacht. But The Fall rules anyway.

The Fall : The Frenz Experiment (Beggars Banquet)
Edition : 1988.
CD : 01/ Frenz 02/ Carry Bag Man 03/ Get a Hotel 04/ Victoria 05/ Athlete Cured 06/ In These Times 07/ The Steack Place 08/ Bremen Nacht Alternative 09/ Guest Informant 10/ Oswald Defence Lawyer 11/ Tuff Life Booogie 12/ Guest Informant 13/ Twister 14/ There's a Ghost in My House 15/ Hit The North
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Iconoclaste musicien allemand, Guido Möbius a récemment vu le label Karaoke Kalk produire son troisième disque : Gebirge.

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