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Robert Pete Williams : Free Again (Prestige, 1961)


This record is a modern country blues classic: potent autobiographical lyrics sung in a compelling keening voice combined with finger-picked and bottleneck guitar played in a strange balance of sophistication and crudeness. Williams was a poet and griot, chronicling his life and emotions in the context of the Southern United States in the 20th Century. The melodic and textural counterpoint of the guitar and voice resonate with the concepts what Ornette Coleman calls "harmolodics".  The songs are hypnotic and emotionally wrenching.

Robert Pete Williams : Free Again (Prestige)
Enregistrement : 1959. Edition : 1961.
CD : 01/ Free Again 02/ Almost Dead Blues 03/ Rolling Stone 04/ Two Wings 05/ A Thousand Miles From Nowhere 06/ Thumbing A Ride 07/ I've Grown So Ugly 08/ Death Blues 09/ Hobo Worried Blues 10/ Hay Cutting Song
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the_age_of_carbonGuitariste qu'on ne présente plus, Elliott Sharp voit paraître ces jours-ci The Age of Carbon, triple disque d'enregistrements que son projet Carbon a enregistré de 1984 à 1991.

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