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Malcolm Goldstein : Goldstein Plays Goldstein (d'c, 1994)


Goldstein Plays Goldstein is one of my favourite albums ; it's so alive and full of expression. I never have the impression Malcolm Goldstein is making music, rather, I think this is simply music in its pure existence. The first number, Ishi "Man Waxati", recorded in 1988, is probably my favourite track. The music is moving constantly and even when there are hardly any notes being played it still doesn't stop. The music carries you, pulls you, throws you back. Every single sound seems to be full of meaning. There is no pretending, no showing off. Listening to this recording is an emotional workout.

Malcolm Goldstein : Goldstein Plays Goldstein (Dacapo / d'c 2)
Enregistrement : 1986-1994. Edition : 1994.
CD : 01/ Ishi "Man Waxati" Soudings 02/ Gentle Rain Preceding Mushrooms 03/ Qernerâq - Our Breath As Bones 04/ Soundings For Solo Violin
Karin Schistek © Le son du grisli


Karin Schistek est pianiste. On a pu l'entendre récemment au sein de Lapslap sur Itch et Scratch. Elle est aussi membre de l'Electric Cowboy Cacophony.

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