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Markus Eichenberger : Atemketten 20.8/Atemkreis (Unit, 1986)


I am Kommissar Hjuler from Flensburg, Germany, and I have a huge collection of experimental music, also my own music can be regarded as really absurd and weird, Thurston Moore stated that my music and the music of my wife Mama Baer belong to the most experimental music he knows.

One of my favourite LPs is Markus Eichenberger Atemketten 20.8/Atemkreis on Unit Records, a recording for bass-clarinet and tape / bass-saxophone and tape. The record is from 1986, the German Markus Eichenberger has made two records and several tapes, the second record is even more jazz-oriented clarinet, but my favourite one is not compareable to music one knows. In 1991, Bob Ostertag presented his LP Sooner or Later, that is a bid in the vein of the Eichenberger LP, but not that poignant. The Eichenberger is to me art brut with simple arrangement and highest musical output. I am sure that only few people love this LP. I first listened to it at Uli Rehberg's UNTERM DURCHSCHNITT / Walter Ulbrich Schallfolien AG in Hamburg in 1986, Asmus Tietchens and Uli Rehberg (Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg) played the record at the store and were amused about it, just laughing about the music, whereas I was astonished about such crazy music never heard before.

For Atemketten 20.8, the tapes consists loops with clarinet, that reminds of male voice, alike cut-ups, in repetition, and the tapes where used as background for some clarinet play in the vein of Jim Sauter, but one mostly focusses on this weird and pregnant background. For Atemkreis, he used smooth tape like floating background with few saxophone play, droning music. Atemketten 20.8 is the music, that made me buy the record. Each cover of the LP is unique. If you try to find some information on Markus Eichenberger you will find a clarinet player named Markus Eichenberger at world wide web, but if you write to him, it is possible, he returns a letter, that he is often mixed up with another Markus Eichenberger, he does not know. Possibly he wants no contacts, possibly there is someone else, who made this phantastic LP.

Markus Eichenberger : Atemketten 20.8/Atemkreis (Unit Records)
Enregistrement : 1986.
Kommissar Hjuler © Le son du grisli

kombaerKommissar Hjuler est artiste et musicien. Il a récemment vu le label Intransitive publier Asylum Lunaticum, compilation des travaux de musique expérimentale qu'il mène en compagnie de sa compagne Mama Bär.

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