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Arve Henriksen : Chiaroscuro (Rune Grammofon, 2005)


Aside from David Sanborn and Dewey Redman, the musician who really made me realize that I wasn't crazy for wanting to explore the extreme sound spectrum of my instrument and who has a clear vision of what he wants from music is the Norwegian trumpet player Arve Henriksen. I remember being so inspired when I first heard him... His sound is absolutely beautiful and it evokes so many emotions.

I listen to and appreciate many kinds of improvised music and I always get something out of listening to every one of my favorites however Arve Henrikson is someone who embraces the 'beautiful' side of improvised music. Every time I hear the fragility and simplicity in his lines I get shivers down my spine. All of his albums are great, but Chiaroscuro is my definite favorite.

Arve Henriksen : Chiaroscuro (Rune Grammofon)
Edition : 2005.
CD : 01/ Opening Image 02/ Bird's-Eye-View 03/ Chiaro 04/ Holography 05/ Blue Silk  06/ Parallel Action 07/ Circled Take 08/ Scuro 09/ Time Lapse 10/ Ending Image
Louise D.E. Jensen © Le son du grisli


Saxophoniste récemment entendue sur You Look Like Your Mother, Would You Like More Sauce?, Louise Jensen improvisera en duo avec Tom Blancarte : ce jeudi, en fin d'après-midi, au Souffle continu.

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