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Albert King : Live Wire / Blues Power (Stax, 1968)


One of my favorite records of all time (there are many), is Albert King's Live Wire / Blues Power. This record can still give me chills.

I used to play along with some of this record, trying to match Albert, at 6:00 AM before work as a type of therapy. If I didn't get to jam with Albert I lacked purpose for the day. To get his sound I used my thumb instead of a guitar pick, like he did. This started me not using a pick which is a big part of my sound.
Before a friend loaned me this record. Which I recorded onto cassette and is still my source for this recording (leading me to buy probably ten more Albert King recordings). I did not have any. But I had heard of him. So when I heard he was playing a small club in Chicago I told my friend and we went. This led him to lend me the record. The show did not floor us. But after the show, when I saw Albert was going to walk past us on the side walk, I faced him and out of respect I said "good show Albert" and he replied, "hey alright man", before he walked past.
At that time, little did I realize how much I would treasure, and be able to impress people with that short exchange.

Albert King : Live Wire / Blues Power (Stax)
Enregistrement : 1968.
CD : 01/ Watermelon Man 02/ Blues Power 03/ Night Stomp 04/ Blues at Sunrise 05/ Please Love Me 06/ Look Out
George John Larson © Le son du grisli


George John Larson est guitariste. Il a récemment publié Testosterone et And Also.

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